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Spa furniture is a high-quality, luxury furniture that is designed specifically for the spa service market. Numerous luxury spa, beauty, and wellness centers across the globe utilize different types of spa furniture such as pedicure chairs, massage tables and beds, massage chairs, and spa loungers. Spa furniture can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Furthermore, high-end luxury spa furniture is used by several spas for its superior design and quality.

Spa furniture is considerably strong, as it is made by using high quality material such as slim line aluminum along with a polyester powder coating, which is highly durable. It also possess resistance to corrosion and also complies with hygiene standards. Generally, spa furniture does not absorb any spa oil or cream, which keeps the table clean and facilitates hygienic and superior spa treatment to customers.

The expansion of the wellness tourism industry, increase in the number of spa and wellness centers around the world, and the rising health consciousness among consumers, especially among the high-income population, are expected to have a positive impact on the spa furniture market. There is a lot of focus on the well-being of the residents among large number of economies across the globe.

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This encourages the governments from these economies to support and promote the wellness tourism. For instance, according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), approximately US$ 3.4 trillion global wellness market is three times bigger than pharmaceutical industry around the world. Wellness tourism involves spiritual, physical, psychological, and spiritual activities to boost an individual’s health.

There is an increasing need for wellness tours, due to the rising number of different health related problems including obesity, skin problems, heart problems, poor immunity and various other chronic diseases. This, in turn, is likely to eventually drive the demand for spa services and spa furniture.

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The higher initial and maintenance cost of luxury and high end spa furniture is estimated to restrain the global spa furniture market. High-end luxury spa furniture is mostly expensive and unaffordable for the general population. Generally, spa furniture including pedicure or luxury chairs require high investment, as they are made of premium and high quality raw materials.

The presence of customized spa furniture is expected to present growth opportunity for the spa furniture market. There are several players such as The Art Spa who offer customized spa furniture. These spa furniture include portable and massage beds, multi-purpose chairs, and outdoor relaxation beds. These players offering customized spa furniture manufacture spa furniture as per the customer’s requirement.