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Beijing, China, 2018 – China Educators, a leading AU Pair agency in China, now shares one of their participant’s review and experience who stayed in the program being an AU Pair in China.

Lauren is one of the AU Pair participant at China Educator’s AU Pair program. She stayed in the program for about 9 months and has recently finished her stay on 12th of May. She shares her experience about how she loved the AU Pair experience by adding “The day before my birthday we had an agency-sponsored calligraphy class. I had so much fun with my friends and the agency staff. They bought a cake and I just felt so happy, loved and welcomed. The agency really cares about us, no matter what they always care for”.

Being in China as an AU Pair helps you travel China along with experiencing its culture to the core. Traditionally the AU pairs at China Educators usually stay in China for six months to a year, but when summer hits in they are queuing up to find a short-stay as an AU pair for a bit longer. Being an AU Pair in China with China Educators is not just being a part of the family and the household activities, it also includes educational benefits. While you stay with a family in China you will have an opportunity to learn Chinese with the family members and teach English to their children and a lot more adds to the list. They also offer you an opportunity to learn and attend university lectures and classes on the subject of your choice. The China Educators AU Pair program is not just getting the cultural taste but also an educational touch of being an AU Pair. China Educators also offers round trip fights to the participants after the completion of 6 months AU Pair program.

China Educators gives you an opportunity to experience China from the core of its enchanting culture. To know more about AU pair experiences, you can visit their website @