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Text My Main Number is a leading landline texting service provider that offers landline texting for business across the world. The company has the most advanced text to landline solution to offer to their clients. Recently, the spokesperson of the company made an announcement about their all simple to advanced texting to landline features available in their text to landline solution.

“We had certain texting features already and we have developed new recently. We have also enhanced the old texting features to provide the best landline texting service to our clients.”, shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations of the company.

She briefed each of the features which are described below:

Text to Landline/Mobile
Our simple texting to landline feature let our customers send and / or receive SMS and / or MMS over a landline or toll free number. The business can send message to any other text enabled landline, toll free number and / or any mobile phone. The mobile phone doesn’t need to use any additional application or service to access the message sent by our text to landline solution. The business can also schedule the message to send at the specific date and time. It is very useful in routine communication.

Bulk Texting
We allow sending a single message to multiple people in a single click. Our text to landline solution supports bulk texting to numbers, saved contacts, groups and any combination of the numbers, groups and saved contacts. It saves a lot of time when you need to send the same message to multiple people in a single click.

Group Texting
Our text to landline solution comes with a contact management and grouping feature. Once you make a group, then you can use the group texting feature to send a message to the people in the saved group. This is helpful when you want to send an alert, notification or announcement to a specific group of people.

It is texting only, but you get a chat widget to have a text based chat with your saved contacts and / or any other contacts. This is a great feature to respond to the queries of your customers or to provide chat based support.

Multi Chat
Our text to landline solution supports multiple chat at the same time. It means you can open multiple chat windows to have a real time communication with multiple people at the same time. This works amazingly to handle multiple queries at the same time compared to traditional calling, in which, you need to answer only one person at a time and others are waiting in a call queue.

Group Chat
This feature allows you to chat with multiple people as a group in a single chat window. You can add your internal team as well as external contacts to have a group chat.

“We have many more features in our text to landline solution. These are the texting features which are used for various types of text based conversations.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

About Text My Main Number
It is a landline texting company that offers best in the industry landline texting service. To explore all features of their text to landline solution, please visit