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Market Highlights:

The Mobility as a Service is new concept of service that provides the new opportunities to improve customer travel choice and support greater efficiency in how our transport services are provided to them to travel without facing any difficulties. Mobility as a Service is a new means of transportation system has broader scope to transform the way we choose the transportation medium to travel from one place to another and provides an opportunity for policy makers to secure benefits to improve the travelling experience of the people.

The study indicates that Mobility as a Service has generated high travel demand on transport networks and Mobility as a Service Provider has managed the mobility needs of both workplaces and employees that may support a reducing the traffic in peak hours. It describes a shift away from personally owned modes of transportation and towards mobility solutions that are consumed as a service.

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Major Key Players

Lyft (U.S),

Car2Go (U.S),

Uber (U.S),

Hailo (U.K),

Bridj (U.S),

Ridepal (U.S),

Ola (India),

Make my trip (India),

Wiwigo (India),

Grabtaxi (Singapore),

Didi Dache (China),

Lecabs (France), Cabify (U.S) among others.

Regional Analysis

North-America is dominating the Global Mobility as a Service Market with the largest market share and is expected to grow over its previous growth records by 2023. The advancements in ease of transportation system to handle traffic control and cover the distance in time is propelling the growth of Mobility as a Service in these regions.  Mobility as a Service Market in Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow at a substantial CAGR during 2017 to 2023 as MaaS is providing best services to travel and security to the travellers which is increasing the demand for mobility as a service in the region. The European market for Mobility as a Service Market is expected to grow at a considerable CAGR (2017-2023).


The global mobility as a service market has been segmented on the basis of type, application, services, end users and region.

Mobility as a Service Market by Online mobility System Type:

  • Buses
  • Cabs
  • Flights
  • Others

Mobility as a Service Market by Services:

  • E hailing services
  • Bike sharing services
  • Car sharing services
  • Pop up bus services
  • Self-Driving car services
  • Available routes
  • Pricing information
  • MaaS customer transaction validation
  • Real time asset/vehicle position
  • Asset usage by customers
  • Ride sharing
  • Transport Operator assets and services

Mobility as a Service Market by Application:

  • Personalized application service
  • Dynamic Journey management
  • Flexible payment
  • Transactions
  • Journey planning

Mobility as a Service Market by End-User:

  • Public sector
  • Private sector

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Intended Audience

  • System Security
  • Software investors
  • Mobility as a Service solution vendors
  • Mobility as a Service Providers
  • Network providers
  • Transportation providers
  • Data providers
  • Transport operators
  • Transport Tracking
  • MaaS Service providers
  • Value-added Resellers