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Storeplan supplies high quality medical storage equipment designed for the fast-paced medical profession. The collection includes high quality products that enhance operations in the medical field.

[TAMWORTH, 30/5/2018] – Storeplan, a leading provider of storage solutions in Australia, supplies high quality medical storage equipment designed for clinics, hospitals and emergency centres. The collection includes high quality shelving, trolleys, whiteboards and other products that enhance operations in the medical field.

Medical Storage Equipment

In clinics and hospitals, accessibility and timeliness are essential in enhancing the speed and efficiency of medical operations. To help their partners keep up with the challenging demands of the industry, Storeplan carries a comprehensive range of hospital storage solutions. Their collection of storage shelves are highly adaptable, easing access and enhancing safety during busy work hours. Each product in the range is built to carry most types of medical equipment and suit tough conditions.

Storeplan places great value on quality, ensuring clients have a range of top performing products to choose from, including products from Storeplan’s Sterimesh™ brand, a reputable medical storage brand in Australia. Sterimesh™ wire compactus units, wire baskets and wire shelving are customisable and easy to clean.

The Range

Storeplan has a strong commitment to quality products. With years of experience in the industry, they use their knowledge and expertise to provide dependable storage solutions for the medical industry.

Storeplan’s selection of medical storage equipment includes:
• Medical Trolleys and Carts
• Medical Administration Storage
• Perforated Plastic ‘Mesh Pak’ Bins
• Whiteboards and Noticeboards
• Longspan Shelving
• Mobile Storage Shelving

About Storeplan

Founded in 1990, Storeplan began as a small Australian company created by a father and son who both identified a need in the market for high quality storage systems. Storeplan Group Pty Ltd has expanded to become a leading provider of industrial and medical storage solutions nationwide. They have great attention to detail and a passion for innovation, helping clients adapt to their constantly evolving industries. With a strong sense of customer service, Storeplan is an approachable firm with the will and dedication to bring their client’s vision to life.

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