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LKM Recycling, a leading provider of waste management and recycling services in the UK, offers solutions for salvaging and reusing paper and cardboard waste. These solutions help businesses minimise waste and comply with environmental regulations.

[SITTINGBOURNE, 30/05/2018] — LKM Recycling, a leading name in waste management and recycling services in the UK, offers recycling solutions for paper and cardboard. These solutions help businesses comply with environmental regulations by reducing the amount of waste they send to the landfill.

Paper and Cardboard Are Recyclable Waste

Businesses produce considerable amounts of paper and cardboard waste daily. Paper and cardboard are often used in common forms of packaging today. The problem, however, is that many companies think that since paper products are biodegradable, they don’t have to be recycled. With that assumption, these businesses add to the waste materials that go to the landfill.

The fact is paper and cardboard are recyclable up to nine times, as they are made from wood pulp. The process of recycling these materials is easier and more efficient than creating new paper products. Recycled paper and cardboard waste are often used as brown paper bags, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes and various other products.

Reliable Waste Collection and Recycling Services

LKM Recycling’s punctual, reliable waste collection services make paper and cardboard disposal for businesses convenient. The company accepts all forms of paper and cardboard, including bundled and loose ones. It also has the experience and resources to ensure proper collection, management, and recycling of paper and cardboard waste from corporate clients.

Businesses need not worry about where their paper waste goes. LKM Recycling reutilises paper products to their fullest value, reducing the environmental impact of these waste materials. More importantly, LKM Recycling is dedicated to educating clients on the value of recycling and the benefits of waste segregation.

By simply offering efficient waste collection and recycling solutions, LKM Recycling helps businesses reduce waste and fulfil their corporate social responsibility to become more environmentally conscious.

About LKM Recycling

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, LKM Recycling has become one of the most trusted providers of waste management and recycling services in the UK. It collects, purchases, and recycles a range of waste materials from various industries. These materials include wood, plastic, paper and cardboard, scrap and ferrous metals.

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