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Pedigree Ski Shop makes sure that their customers get high-quality products for outdoor sports all-year round.

[NEW YORK, 05/30/2018] With the summer season fast approaching, Pedigree Ski Shop makes sure that their customers are ready to beat the heat with a diverse collection of swimwear and swim accessories.

Pedigree Ski Shop is known for its high quality ski and snowboard products, but the company’s inventory of swimwear from leading brands has customers covered throughout the warmer months. Lead by the Fuerst family, Pedigree Ski Shop has expanded to 4 locations across New York and Connecticut.

High-Quality Swimwear

Although Pedigree Ski Shop specializes in winter sports products, they also provide their customers with high-quality products for the summer. Pedigree Ski Shop’s swim gear inventory is comprised of some of the industry’s leading brands, such as North Face, Obermeyer, and Speedo. Their men’s collection has a wide selection of swim jammers and other swimming apparel for men.

Meanwhile, their women’s collection has swimwear ranging from one-piece bathing suits, to stylish and comfortable cover-ups.

Swimming Accessories

Aside from swimwear, Pedigree Ski Shop also carries various accessories for both swimmers and lifeguards. The accessory brands they carry in their shops are from industry leading companies like Nike, Tyr Sport, and Kjus.

For lifeguards, Pedigree Ski Shop carries various types of floaters, whistles, and lanyards, along with professional-looking lifeguard swimwear. Meanwhile, accessories range from swimming goggles, doggie bags, and swim caps. All these accessories are aimed at providing customers with a fun, safe, and comfortable day at the pool or the beach.

About Pedigree Ski Shop

Pedigree Ski Shop has been one of White Plains, New York’s leading providers of winter sports products, swim gear, and skateboards since 1962. Led by John Fuerst and his wife, Pedigree Ski Shop has grown and expanded to 4 different locations in the past 50 years, with satellite locations across White Plains and even Connecticut. Learn more about their services by visiting their website at