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There are a few factors to be considered before undergoing the Lasik Surgery in Dubai. You need to make sure you are suitable to go ahead with this surgery.
The minimum age to consider the Lasik treatment is 18 years. You should be above 18 years to be eligible for this surgery. The eyes of people under 18 are still developing and changing and it would not be advisable to do this surgery for a pair of eyes that is not 18 years old.
If you are pregnant or nursing it would be healthy to postpone the surgery. You can wait until you have delivered the baby or stopped nursing to make an appointment for the surgery. If you think it is essential for you to still go ahead with the surgery you can talk to your surgeon and make sure if it is safe.
Your general health should be in a good condition. Lasik treatment is not usually recommended for people with diabetes, lupus, disorders of the cornea, retinal diseases and glaucoma. Once again, you can consult your surgeon to make sure you are healthy and if you have one of these conditions, you can ask him if you can undergo the surgery.
If you have experienced dry eyes in the past this might negatively affect the surgery. Dry eyes could be the results of wearing contact lenses, taking certain medication or any other reason. You will have to determine if your eyes are dry and what can be done to fix this. Once again, you will have to obtain the expertise of a surgeon.
If you are a person who enjoys wearing glasses or contacts you might have to forgo the surgery. After the surgery, you will have to give up on wearing glasses and contacts.
Your workplace requirements should be taken into consideration before the surgery. If for instance you are working in the construction industry and work in a dusty environment, you will have to consider how you will get through work after the surgery for a few days. You will need to consider if you can take a few days off work to recover from the surgery in a normal environment.
Take into account the factors mentioned above to avoid any complications and consequences that cannot be fixed or reversed.