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Keep windows spick-and-span with Utah Window Cleaning’s cleaning services. It uses an innovative water-fed pole system that cleans windows and leaves them streak-free.

[Bluffdale, 05/29/2018] – Utah Window Cleaning offers a convenient and effective solution for customers’ window cleaning needs. The company uses a water fed pole cleaning system — a window cleaning method that cleans hard-to-reach areas using only pure, filtered water.

Water-Fed Pole Cleaning System

Water-fed pole window cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technologies in pure water window cleaning. The innovative technique is, furthermore, a safe and cost-effective window cleaning method that offers excellent results.

Utah Window Cleaning’s state-of-the-art system uses 100% pure laboratory-grade water that passes through poles. The long poles make it easier to reach inaccessible areas with ease and achieve crystal clear results.

An Environmentally Friendly Process

Utah Window Cleaning’s water-fed pole cleaning system uses pure, filtered water for a perfect clean. The soft bristle brush of the equipment removes dirt and residue easily, while the pure water naturally dries without leaving any visible water stains on windows. The company’s cleaning professionals use the special technology to keep windows cleaner for longer, as the absence of soap residue eliminates the problem of leaving hard-to-remove window stains.

Since the system does not use chemicals to clean windows, it is environmentally safe. The filtered and purified water only dries on the windows naturally, resulting in noticeably clean windows.

Lightweight and Durable Poles

Utah Window Cleaning boasts a state-of-the-art water delivery system. Unlike traditional squeegees and other cleaning systems, the system features lightweight and rigid carbon fiber poles. The system enhances cleaning efficiency and reduces fatigue since the poles are easy to control.

The poles can clean windows up to 110 feet high. The water goes through a six-time water filter process before going through a final filter to de-ionize the water and make it suitable for streakless window cleaning.

About Utah Window Cleaning

Utah Window Cleaning is a window washing and cleaning company in Utah. It offers residential and commercial window cleaning services in Salt Lake City. More than window cleaning services, the company provides blind cleaning and hard water removal services.

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