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Shrink Tanks – Market Outlook

Shrink tanks are machines that are used to vacuum pack the fresh produce, ready to eat food, meat, poultry and seafood. Shrink tanks comes with a dip tank, one or two tunnels, and a water reservoir tank. Shrink tank uses electric heaters to heat the water inside dip tank, this is similar to water heater. The heat shrink tunnels are equipped with a conveyer to guide the products. The shrink tank is insulated to save energy. The shrink tank is used for packaging of perishable products with shrink wrap or shrink film by immersing in hot water. Vacuum packaging is the one of the popular packaging method that enhances the shelf appeal and product life.

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The product which is already packed in the shrink wrap pouch is placed on the conveyor, which will guide the product to heat shrink tunnels. The water temperature inside the dip tank can be set to various levels depending on the product and the type of shrink film. Shrink wrapping helps in air and moisture evacuation, which in turn protects packaging contents from microbiological spoilage and other contaminations. Changing lifestyle and rising consumer demand for fresh products with proper packaging is leading to the rise in demand for shrink tanks market. Products like meat, poultry, seafood, fruits & vegetables and ready to eat food is highly perishable if exposed to open air and moisture. Shrink wrap helps in protecting the products from contaminations and extending shelf life.

The above figure shows comprehensive research methodology to estimate the market size of global shrink tanks market. The methodology follows a sequential process of the estimation of overall parent market size (perishable food market), estimating the penetration of shrink tanks in perishable food market, Estimation of average approximate throughput of shrink tanks i.e. the amount of food processed through a single shrink tank, Estimating the total installed base of shrink tanks in previous as well as present year. The next step involves the estimation of the total installed base of shrink tanks. Then, finally new sales of current year are calculated.

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Global Shrink Tanks market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global shrink tanks market are – MULTIVAC United States, Jaw Feng Machinery Co., Ltd, JVR Industries Inc.  (Supplier), Promarksvac Corporation, MPBS Industries, Sipromac Company, Storm Engineering SA, VC999 Packaging Systems, Alpha Vac System Inc., UltraSource LLC, Viking Food Solutions, Helmut Boss packaging machines KG, Henkovac International, WEBOMATIC (Maschinenfabrik GmbH), Promarks Vac Co., Ltd., Walton’s Inc., Pacific Food Machinery, Shanghai Joylong Industry Co.Ltd., Plexpack Corporation, Eastey, an Engage Technologies Company and others.                 

Key Developments, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • In January 2018, MULTIVAC’s X-line receives the Gold International FoodTec Award 2018
  • In October 2017, MULTIVAC acquires a share in TVI.
  • In June 2016, MULTIVAC supports an international research project “Quali Meat project” for food safety
  • In September 2016, MULTIVAC started the new production site “MULTIVAC Bulgaria”
  • In November 2011, Helmut Boss packaging machines KG were crowned winners in the category Best Kitchen Equipment for our vacuum packaging machines manufactured in Germany.

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Shrink wrap helps food processing, and food service businesses save thousands of dollars by providing a perfect storage solution where shelf life can be extended by 1 to 2 weeks. Growing global demand for food is also indirectly driving the shrink tanks market. The rising demand for packaged food has led food processing and food service businesses to include a faster way of vacuum packaging by shrink wrap or shrink films. This aforementioned factor is driving the installation of shrink tanks by business owners in food & beverages industry. The other substitutive packaging technologies such as active packaging, self-heating or self-cooling packaging are stealing the market share of shrink tanks.