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Most of the students lack on basic concepts and find it difficult to cope up with subjects like maths and science in the school. Here is where the tuition centre in Dwarka comes into the picture to help students to improve their knowledge in the subject with thorough understanding of the concepts so that they can have a strong foundation in the basic concepts and excel in the subjects like they have never done before. The Dwarka tuition centre has qualified and experienced tutors who pay individual attention on each student to help them understand the logical reasoning and basics of the subject so that they start to enjoy learning the subject. The tuition centre teach maths with the help of abacus and vedic maths techniques. The tuition centre in fact offers maths abacus courses for kids that is very much helpful to improve numerical and visualization memory that comes handy in solving the problems. This abacus trains the mind to solve general mathematical problems orally without the necessity of pen and paper. Parents can surely see a change in the approach of the child towards maths subject on joining in the abacus classes offered by Dwarka tuition centre.

The tuition centre also offer vedic maths courses which is rediscovered by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji from the vedas and has been found that the entire maths is based on sixteen sutras. By joining your child in this class you can find them excelling in the subject as it becomes easy for them to learn the calculation tricks of maths and carry out the sums mentally. This course also helps in stimulating the right brain that improves memory, creativity and boosts one’s confidence levels. Children can overcome the fear of maths by joining in this course and have a strong foundation in the basic concepts of maths for them to excel in any other competitive exams. The classes are also offered with fun filled activities that keeps the interests of children learning new things in the subjects without feeling bored. The vedic classes are offered once a week for one hour duration and the children are given practice papers to sharpen their skills in the subject.

Along with tuitions and the above classes, the Dwarka tuition centre also offer classes for Olympiad tests, computer skills and handwriting classes for the overall development of the students.

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