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Miss Meow Grooming
Airport Road, Al Khawaneej St. (Near Terminal 1)

Telephone: +971 54 441 0202

Any pet owner knows the importance of having a clean and healthy pet. However, not everyone knows how to groom their pet. It can be rather stressful when going about it alone. It is the reason there are experienced and trained pet groomers in Dubai that will assist pet owners with regular grooming. It is good to remember that as much as pet grooming is about bathing and brushing, it also means that any sign of illness or disease will not go undetected and can even save pet’s life.

Miss Meow Grooming is a mobile pet grooming service that travels by mobile van to the pet owner’s home and provides pet grooming services. With a passion for all animals, it is a spa on wheels that comes to the doorstep, grooms the pet and showers it with attention as if it was their own. The mobile groomer in Dubai will create a stress-free environment in which the pet will be pampered and every need tended to.

The safety and comfort of the pet is the #1 priority for Miss Meow Grooming. They have a team of groomers who are well educated and understand how to groom any kind of pet. They are skilled and can answer any question related to grooming, for instance, on how often pets should be bathed, and offer advice on nail trimming and excess shedding.

The head of Miss Meow Grooming had this to say, “Every pet is different, some are relaxed while others are anxious. For the pet owners of anxious pets we are here to say that we know how to sooth your pet through positive reinforcement. And it is the best way to have your pet groomed without removing them from their familiar surroundings.”

About Us
We are a leading mobile pet grooming company in Dubai, and no matter the size of your pet we are fully committed to ensuring your pet feels relaxed, comfortable and refreshed. Our goal is not just to groom your pet as part of our job, we also ensure the pet and pet owner thoroughly enjoy the experience. We offer a free consultation in which we analyze the fur and skin condition and create a personalized grooming plan for your pet. For more information, visit us on our website at