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Experts note that poor due diligence is one of the most common mistakes first-time homebuyers commit. Equire rectifies this and makes the process easier for clients.

[WHEELERS HILL, 29/05/2018] – Apart from offering gorgeous Victoria and Queensland properties, Equire also makes the homebuying process a breeze for first-time buyers.Since the transaction is unchartered territory for the buyer, the company guides them through the complexities thoroughly. It makes the purchase an easy-to-grasp concept.

This is especially important as the lack of due diligence is one of the main mistakes first-time homebuyers commit.

A Common Mistake among First-Time Home Buyers

Miriam Sandkuhler, chief executive of a legal and conveyancing company, says that buying properties involves a complex process that might leave first-time buyers susceptible to not getting their money’s worth. In fact, reveals that due diligence is the top mistake Victoria homebuyers make.

Other mistakes include an ill-defined buying strategy, absence of research and more.

Making Home Buying Easy

While homebuying is not a simple transaction, Equire takes steps to ease the difficulty among first-time buyers. It published a guide that details general information about the property journey. The reference includes a timeline that stretches from researching an ideal property location to moving in. This includes 25 common home buying steps, such as arranging the budget with a broker or lender, negotiating with the property agent, filing for applications and more.

In the reference, the entire process takes 18 months to complete, although other buying transactions can vary greatly.Interested clients can view the guide on their website.

When it comes to property buying, clients can choose from several townhouses and apartments that Equire offers in Queensland and Victoria. The residences incorporate both modern and contemporary features and lavish amenities. Equire sees to it that clients get a property they like and helps ease the complex buying process.

About Equire

Equire is the property development division of the OpenCorp Group of Companies, which offers property investment, funds management and finance broking services. It focuses on residential property developments in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Equire aims to enhance lifestyles, enrich local communities and build a brighter future for Australians.

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