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Experts say that Perth has one of the best quality-of-life standards in the world. Quayhouse Port Coogee offers contemporary apartments with a marina-side lifestyle to those who want to move to this city.

[PORT COOGEE, 29/05/2018] – At Quayhouse Port Coogee, residents can live every day like it’s a holiday. The company offers contemporary apartments in Coogee, Perth that boast tranquil surroundings and stunning amenities. The residences feature a rooftop terrace, an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor cinema screen,to name a few.

Moreover, the apartments give the residents a chance to live the Perth life, which is one of the most coveted in the world.

Quality of Life in Perth

Mercer, a global consultancy firm, reports that Perth has the 21st highest quality of life in the world out of a pool of 450 cities. The Australian city scored well in political and social environment, economic performance, socio-cultural life, public services, housing and more. Perth was also voted the world’s second-friendliest city by Condé Nast Traveler in 2017.

The Guardian adds that the spectacular beaches are part of the reason Perth is so appealing. It boasts a magnificent coastline, white sand and crystal-clear water. Coogee Beach, in particular, has spectacular sunsets and fantastic natural settings.

Seaside Holiday Life

Quayhouse Port Coogee offers apartments to people who want to move to Perth.Aspiring residents would have sun and sand, restaurants, cafés,shopping areas, medical centres and recreational spots right at their doorstep.

The apartments sport a timeless design. Developers combined natural and contemporary features to match the sophistication of the surroundings. The apartments have timber herringbone floorboards, stone bench tops and a natural colour palette.

The living spaces are located at the heart of Port Coogee—a stone’s throw from some fantastic beaches. It’s also two minutes away from the Port Coogee Shopping Village and6km away from the Fremantle CBD.

With stunning apartments in a prime location, Quayhouse Port Coogee offers the best of the Perth lifestyle.

About Quayhouse Port Coogee

Quayhouse Port Coogee offers 35 beautiful apartments in the seaside community of Port Coogee. Equire, a property developer founded in 2006, aims to help Australians expand their property portfolios and grow their wealth.

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