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May 28, 2018, London – A One Loans is excited to see the buzz that one of its products is creating in the loan market by winning the hearts of the borrowers. The ‘personal loans with no guarantor’, is receiving the MAXIMUM loan applications. In last three months, these loans received record loan requests. The company takes it as a success and believes that it is because of flexible policies and manageable repayment schedules that accompany these loans.

Approach towards credit scores has a big role

A One Loans provides its services irrespective of credit scores status without obligation. This is a big factor that is inspiring more and more people to apply for the unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor. The company is excited to see the promising response of the borrowers for one of its products and planning to add more benefits to facilitate flexible funding for them.

The applicants are usually concerned about the high rate of interest in unsecured loan products. To satisfy this concern, the company is planning to bring the payment protection insurance policy by the end of this month. This policy will cover the monthly instalments of the borrowers, if they miss to pay any instalment due to redundancy, severe disease or if the borrower dies. The policy is obvious to come but the date will be announced soon.

Rupert Branson, the Senior Loan Executive as A One Loans says – “We want people live a good and balanced financial life and for that, we keep enhancing our loan deals with additional features and benefits. We did the same thing with the personal loans and the finance world can see the result. Our increased numbers of loan requests for the personal unsecured loans with no guarantor establishing landmarks with every passing month and day. We are happy that our customers are getting the satisfaction that we are trying to serve them.”

About A One Loans

A One Loans is a leading online loan company with numberless loan choices. There are no constraints on employment status and credit score in availing the loan products offered by the company. It keeps adding new benefits to its loan deals. The recent historical rise in the loan applications of the personal loans for people with bad credit proves it very well. The ‘more you think about the customers, the more you will get their trust’, it is the policy that A One Loans follows while making its lending policies.

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