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Consumer food preferences can vary significantly depending on where they live. As an example, diners in urban areas usually prefer healthy and creative dishes, while consumers in rural areas tend to prefer traditional-style food. For restaurants that want to offer the most profitable foods on their menus, understanding the food preferences of target customers is key.

Analyzing consumer preferences and habits can provide deeper insight into customers’ tastes and help businesses deliver more profitable offerings. For example, by carrying out a consumer insights study, restaurants can know:

  • Diner food preferences and habits
  • The quality of their customer services and how they can be improved
  • What time of the day and occasions are most favorable for specific types of foods
  • The most preferred accompaniments (sauces, sides, drinks, etc.)
  • The competitive landscape and the most popular dishes on the competition’s menus

One of the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chains wanted to launch a chicken-based menu in many of its restaurants in Europe. Find out how it identified what would make its menu a hit among customers based on a consumer insights study by Netscribes.

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