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Meratask, India’s leading and fastest growing micro logistics delivery platform in Delhi/NCR is looking for a ‘Series A Funding’ for its expansion to other cities.

Founded by two Delhi-based entrepreneurs, Meratask allows users to delegate tasks for same day pick & drop related services with the help of a GPS tracker in a smartphone app. It appoints a dedicated team of bikers, called taskers in the nearby area who assist individuals and businesses to deliver in the Delhi-NCR region.

The app, which was launched in early 2016, has more than 13,000 users currently, while the company aims to increase its user base and help solve a common problem of pick & drop delivery services within the same city. The company has initiated talks with venture capital players to raise the required funds.

While making the announcement, Founder Piyush Tandon said,”we are looking to expand our presence in 10 more cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and others by 2018. This expansion and funds utilization will include strengthening technology, hiring of employees and taskers in each city.”

“At a time, when e-commerce is taking the world by storm, same day deliveries are vital for businesses. Meratask is addressing these challenges that individuals and businesses face on a regular basis in getting deliveries done in a day, he added”

The services include pick & drop for Corporate Gifts, Invitation cards, Accessories, Books, Clothes, Gadgets, Documents and Non-Perishable Food Items and many more.

The company features a live tracking option for all the tasks booked by a user as well as hassle free e-bills and payments.

About Meratask

Launched in early 2016, Meratask is India’s leading micro logistics delivery platform. The company is the fastest growing, same day Pick & Drop service provider in Delhi/NCR.

Built on the idea to reduce day to day movement of people and save time, Meratask (accessible on, iOS and Android) is today making same day deliveries possible within Delhi/NCR. Meratask helps people outsource their pick & drop related tasks through the nearby bikers, called ‘Taskers’.

The company not only helps individuals and business persons but also startups, in performing their pick & drop related tasks such as – Corporate Gifts, Invitation cards, Accessories, Books, Clothes, Gadgets, Documents and non-perishable food items and many more.

Integrated with technologically advanced software, user-friendly interface and trained in-house taskers, Meratask has developed a robust mechanism to bring competence in the services offered to its customers.

Headquartered in Delhi, Meratask helps in addressing the challenges that everyone faces on a regular basis in getting tasks done in a day, reliable handyman at a busy time zone with live tracking. The talented pool of trained and police-verified professionals at Meratask is committed to make the difference in people’s lives by providing pick and drop services right at their doorsteps, in just a click of button and are constantly striving to become the most reliable logistics partner for individuals and organizations.