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Amazon EFS works towards providing a simple, ascendible, flexible file storage used with premises resources and AWS cloud services. Amazon EFS is very easy to use and provides you with a simple attachment which allows the easiest and the quickest creation and configuration of file systems. Amazon EFS is built in a way that there are available storages needed and when they are needed. That can be achieved since it is elastically scale built on demand that it does not disrupt applications and does not automatically grow and shrink during the addition and removal of files.

This regional service has been designed for the provision of high availability and durability which supports a wide spectrum such as the serving of webs and management of contents, application of enterprises, entertainment and media, backups of databases, tools developer, storage containers, and among many others.

How AWS EFS Does Works? When an Amazon EC2 has been mounted on, there will be a provision of a file system attachment and a file system access semantics by the amazon EFS file system which will allow you the seamless integration of the Amazon EFS with the available tools and applications.

Amazon EFS is very simple. It has simple and easy to operate web services attachments enables any individual to quickly and easily create and configure file systems. All the infrastructural file storage will be managed for you by the services. This will enable you to avoid all the difficulties of situating, repairing and maintaining complicated file system distributed.

With Amazon EFS you will be able to be provided with the capacity you need at the time you need it without the advance storage provision. You only pay for what you see without the up-front charges. This makes the Amazon EFS lower in cost than the rest.

Amazon EFS is very secure. You only access your file system through the permissions of POSIX. There is also the Amazon VPC which will enable you to manage all the network access. With an additional Amazon AWS, you will have secure data both the stored data and the data in flight.

With Amazon EFS, all the transfers are optimized using a simple and secure way. Data can be transferred from the available on-premises with the capacity to copy files and directories at 5 times more speed than the copy tools of the standard Linux.

Its availability and durability are also amazing. According to how it is designed, it is highly available and durable. Each Amazon EFS file system object (these objects includes the directories, links, files, and many more) can be stored in so different available and multiple zones.

Amazon EFS has provided nothing in return but scalable performance. It is designed to provide all the low latency, IOPS and throughputs for a huge range of workloads. It also provides strong data consistency and file locking.


For AWS EFS pricing, there are no minimum fees for set-up charges. Normally, the storage amount which is billed in a month will be based on the average storage space with have been used all through the month.