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The Croatian Property laws related to buying and selling of property including houses, villas, apartments, and commercial property among others have been reformed in Croatia. The tax implication of real estate exchanges has been simplified and there is a reduction in certain taxes as well. For instance, the real estate transfer tax that was 5% earlier is now 4%. The existing VAT charges of 25% are also likely to be reduced to 24%. When combined with the presence of leading property management firms including Broker, Croatia is today the best place to indulge in profitable and hassle-free investments. is one of the best property management agencies in Croatia because of its efficient, versatile, and fast property processing capabilities and an exceptionally wide network that spans multiple countries and continents. From beautiful apartments located in the peaceful Dalmatian town to the luxury villas in the smaller islands like Hvar, has an immensely diverse portfolio of properties for all kinds of customers.

What makes the company more customer friendly and preferable is that apart from investments, it also has allied services including consulting (for instance cost management, permits, translation, blueprints and others), furnishing, building, and many other pre and post-sale services related to real estate.

The importance of Croatia as a holiday destination has increased manifold in the recent years and the cities of the country are also quite close to other major European destinations. People from across the globe are today interested to buy the holiday, residential, and commercial properties in Croatia. accommodates customers from different ethnicities and backgrounds. The company focuses chiefly on customer satisfaction and happiness and arranges for client accommodations, travel and car arrangements, sightseeing of properties across Croatia, negotiation aid, providence of legal assistance in the form of capable and expert lawyers, and a range of post-sale services including those related to renovation, furnishing, property management, rentals, and others.

Talking to media man at the company headquarters in Split, the public relations executive of the company stated “The recent tax-related changes are going to attract more investments in the Croatian real estate. We ensure that our clients get the best value for money they spend and make real estate transactions hassle-free, convenient, and time-saving”.