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Beautiful locations enhance the capturing of breath-taking pictures. Perhaps this is why every photographer appreciates the beauty of nature. Photographers greatly love Dorset, with its beautiful cliffs, cool breeze, and other great features. There are several great locations for photo shoots in Dorset. See some of them below:

River Frome
This is the second longest river, which flows for about 35 miles. It is one of the best locations for taking amazing pictures. From its upper course, between Evershot and Maiden Newton, Frome is surrounded by rolling chalk hills and does not boast a flood plain. The awesome view makes it a perfect location for your photo shoots. In a word, River Frome is a place for you to explore the beauty of nature, and capture award winning pictures!

Corfe Castle
The historic castle is a beautiful historic village. It is a much-loved haunt for both adults and children. The romantic Corfe Castle ruins with wonderful views across Purbeck will captivate you, and entice you to bring out your cameras to take nice pictures. Feel history come to life and see the wildlife which has set up home in these fascinating castle ruins.

It is located on the isle of Purbeck. It is widely known for its beaches, and nature reserve. They are perfect for holidays and vacations. The remarkable views, and the enjoyable atmosphere will make you want to capture various pictures of the historic village.

It is a perfect destination for trips for all seasons. It is found on the isle of Purbeck in Dorset. It is a gateway town for you to explore the Jurassic coast. The fun family Swanage resort is ultimate for walking, relaxing breaks, group activities and cycling. You cannot but capture the amazing experiences you have at Swanage.

Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door
This wonder of nature is a well-known natural arch and a striking secluded cove. The fresh air from the waters, and the soft sand at the shore are perfect for relaxation. The notable features like the Durdle door, and the layers exposed in the cliffs will leave you no option than to take out your camera to capture them.

It is found in between the Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve and brags the best rock pooling and innocent snorkelling site in Dorset. It possesses Wild Seas Centre at the close of the bail that encourages both adults and children to explore the bay. The spectacular view from the Cavell tower will trigger you to capture it with your camera.

Dorset Photography Workshops – Peter Stephenson
Once you are in Dorset, you will so much appreciate the beauty of nature. The stunning countryside will inspire you to take various breath-taking pictures of this place. A lot of photographers find inspiration here, irrespective of their skill level.

Why not join Pete for various sessions of guidance and tuition on location Dorset? It is a fantastic way for you to effectively improve your photography skills. You can choose to do an intense or a relaxed day. Pete has a wealth of experience, and is very enthusiastic about photography and had a Photography Workshop in Dorset. The aim of the day is to guide you on whatever you need to do.

Depending on your skill level, you can choose to have the tuition for the beginner, tuition for the experienced photographer. Don’t worry if you have a specific location in mind. Pete can meet you at a chosen location that you have agreed on for the workshop.
Pete will definitely provide you everything you need to take your photography skills to the next level. After initial greetings, and briefings, he will give you a short tutorial on camera craft and photography techniques.