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If nothing, even then the Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch remains a pretty popular name in the affordable automatic mechanicals class. Their line-up changes, but typical three-hand models remain a staple among those who appreciate a quality that would possibly belong to a piece way beyond the reach of the stated price. But Orient just does that! It’s the company policy The Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch is a dress category accessory that is also an incredible entry-level option out there. Those fond of old-style jewelry will find the Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch a most-appealing option. It is also structurally and mechanically sound.

Note: Orient is a freestanding subsidiary of Seiko. It has its own history and heritage that are based on innovations. They also happen to be Japan’s largest producer of mechanical watches. Orient offers a true in-house manufacturing process running since their beginning. From the case to the glass, from straps to robust movements; hands, markers, dial…everything is created in-house. Orient runs its typical quality control methods upon every piece leaving their facility for the market.

Disagreements regarding the aesthetics always arise; we won’t tread that part. What you can’t possibly deny is it’s kind of an elephant in the room. If you are a seasoned collector, you’ll always want to keep the higher priced pieces aside for selected events and activities yet always want to get a similar feel. For the newbie, the Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch paves a great way to ascension! In plain words, the Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch gets your wrist accustomed to the feel.

The idea of wearing dress watches takes bit of an effort. The Orient Automatic SAB0C003U8 Men’s Watch makes that easier. It opens the door to higher dressier options. It is a watch that fits a wide variety of tastes for its bold, classic look. The watch just shows time and date, which makes it your automatic, go-to dress watch for a pinch and is still not throwaway!

What makes this Mens Orient Watches model great is its attention to detail and quality that appears more naturally blending than forceful. Its Man-worthy look is bit retro while touching the peripheries of contemporary tastes. Its minimalism is modern though classic enough to be worn amidst various environments. All these are difficult – if not impossible – for most other brands to achieve at this level of affordability. The retro vibe tells the story of earlier dress offerings.

Inside, it is Orient Caliber 48743; a 21-jewel, 21,600 bph automatic, mechanical movement. It doesn’t hack, neither takes manual winding. The automatic winding feature is capable enough to compensate. The seconds hand moves six times a second and therefore, pretty smooth. Sweep seconds, easy setting of time and date, a robust build and a great finish! Oh, and a good 40hr power reserve watches to have a fake patina; here, the dial doesn’t have a fake patina, but instead the color evokes the memory of an aged watch – a sophisticated nuance, and just one of many. All of these elements coalesce so adroitly, they create a timepiece that may join the traditional Bambino as one of Orient’s iconic, classic models.

Bottom line: As a manufacturer, Orient has created some fascinating entry-level automatics; the Orient Automatic Open Heart Men’s Watch is one of them!