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Support Period

Technical support is effective upon the effective date of your order unless stated otherwise in your order. If your order was placed through the Mytechsquad Store, the effective date is the date your order was accepted by Mytechsquad. Unless otherwise stated in the order, Mytechsquad technical support terms, including pricing, reflect a 12 month support period. Once placed, your order for technical support services.

Building an Effective Support Relationship

The effectiveness of any support interaction depends upon the technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and communication skills of both your administrators and our Mytechsquad Technical Support Engineers.With the introduction of Mytechsquad in 2012, we integratedmany of the functions that were spread across multiple portals to provide a centralized view of the information you need.

The purpose of this welcome guide is to help you manage your business more effectively in your support interactions with Mytechsquad .We strive to ensureyour success by delivering industry-leading, world-class services and support.

Therefore,the following informationis offeredto help you navigate your experience with Mytechsquad:Best Practices, Understanding Severities, Support Request Life Cycle, GSSOfferings, and Additional Information.

Best Practices

Based on our experience in MS Office Supporting Customers with virtualization infrastructures and cloud computing, we would like to share with you some recommendations and best practices for a highly effective support relationship.

Feature Requests

Feature requests for the beta release can also be submitted by opening a support request online. We will forward your feature request to the appropriate development team for assessment. Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response. Any suggestion for enhancements to Mytechsquad software that you submit becomes the property of Mytechsquad,and we may use this information for any Mytechsquad business purpose without restriction.

Bug-Related Support Requests

We will forward the bug information to our development team for assessment. Depending on the timing and severity of the issue, it may or may not be corrected before the production version is released. At the end of the beta period, though the associated support request will be closed, any open bugs will be tracked and assessed as appropriate.