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Inulin is a naturally occurring poly fructan, which is widely used for the production of high fructose syrup by either microbial or chemical procedures. Microbial inulinases catalyze the conversion of inulin into fructose and FOS. These are safe substitute sweeteners when compared to sucrose due to its valuable features such as calories, higher sweetening capacity, lack of carcinogenicity, safety for diabetics. There are many new Inulinase producers who have obtained many genes encoding inulinases from different microorganism. Owing to the rising health concerns about hectic lifestyles, especially in the developed regions such as North America and Europe, the global inulinase market is expected to surge during the forecast period. Inulinase is highly prevalent in plants and microorganisms.

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Owing to increase in demand for healthier and calorie-controlled food has forced many food industries to come up with some alternative safe sweeteners. Fructooligosaccharides have also been accepted as functional sweeteners similar to other microbial oligosaccharides. A novel process for Exco inulinase overproduction has been developed for bioethanol production and ultra-high fructose syrup. The endo inulinases have also been used for the production of inulo-oligosaccharides from inulin and inulin containing materials. However, the production of Inulinase is effected by the medium components and type of the organism used for fermentation.

Technological advancements in the market are also one of the major drivers for the surge in demand in global Inulinase market. For instance, Solid State Fermentation (SSF) compromises many benefits for the production of bulk chemicals and enzymes due to its low-cost substrates, and environment-friendly process.

Global Inulinase Market: Segmentation Overview

Microbial Inulinase is vital manufacturing enzymes, which are typically inducible and extracellular. Some yeasts, filamentous fungi, and few bacteria are reported to produce inulinases. Inulinase is gaining increasing attention due to the availability of comparatively inexpensive and abundant renewable inulin for the production of high fructose syrup. The major area of application of inulinases is in the production of fructose syrup from inulin or inulin rich products. The growing health conscious consumers are one of the major reasons for the surge in demand for Fructose. Fructose is developing as a healthy and safe alternative sweetener than sucrose, and thus caused problems related to corpulence, carcinogenicity, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

The rise in consumption of fructose is a key driver of the growth in global Inulinase market. Further, the growing demand for fructose syrup is resulted in capacity expansion by numerous manufacturers in the market, particularly in China and India. With the development of new enzymes, it is anticipated that the market shall boost the efficiency of converting starches into derivatives which include High Fructose syrup.

Global Inulinase Market: Regional Outlook

The Inulinase Market is segmented by regions into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Japan. Western Europe and North America is anticipated to account for the largest share in the Global Inulinase Market. APEJ is expected to account for the highest growth rate during the forecast period, owing to the increasing use of low-calorie substitutes such as fructose to naturally derived sugar for foods & beverage. Various sources are emerging for extraction of Inulinase. For instance, Dahlia is a flowering plant of family Asteraceae, mainly grown for ornamental purpose. The tubers of Dahlia contain 12.5% of inulin as a storage polysaccharide.

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Global Inulinase Market: Key Players

The key players in the global Inulinase Market are BENEO, Jarrow Formulas, Beneo-Orafti, Sensus, and Cosucra. To ensure product differentiation and to gain a considerable share of the market, major vendors are adopting creative strategies and are constantly developing innovative products. Most of the major Inulinase manufacturers concentrate on capitalizing their funds to maintain applications and technical marketing groups are appointed to serve the ever-changing needs of consumers.