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Are you among the many people who are baffled about the power of stones for healing? You are not alone; millions of people all over the globe cannot understand just how stones for healing work. Life is a Gift shop offers Adventure Stone which is used for success, for healing, for prosperity, for removing negative energies, for protection and more.

Life is a Gift shop offers spiritual gifts, spiritual stones, china Buddha statue, pyramid power, sandalwood mala bracelet, gemstone mala beads, butterfly jewelry, butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings and more unique items.

The spokesperson at Life is a Gift Shop says, “We strive to offer hand-selected, enjoyable, sometimes humorous, but always unique gifts that add joy to everyday living.”

Life is a Gift Shop is popular for the bags of power stones which serve as perfect tools for your medicine bag, altar, clearing chakras and removing negative energies from your home. Experience the healing power of crystals is amazing and with the adventure stones, stones for success, stones for prosperity and stones for protection you can make great gifts.

The most renowned Adventure Stones – Master Set of Five Stones in a Silk Sari Drawstring Pouch includes:

  • Amazonite keeps your brain sharp. Heightens abilities stored in the third and fourth chakras.
  • Dragon Veins Agate aligns you with nature’s resources.
  • Mangano Calcite increases confidence.
  • Mookaite bestows the ease and resilience to easily adapt to change, which lowers stress and engenders youthfulness.
  • Ruby Fuchsite stimulates awareness of what is good and enjoyable so that you can remember to enjoy the journey.

Religious bracelets offered at are acclaimed for their power. One of the favorites amongst clients is the Tiger’s Eye Miniature Heart-Shaped Bead Stretch Bracelet. It has profound meaning and properties. Tiger’s Eye strengthens one’s executive qualities along the lines of integrity, justice, diplomacy, patience, honesty and compassion.

Buddha head statue is the ultimate symbol of divinity. Looking at a Buddha statue from Life is a Gift Shop is like looking into the very face of divinity. The aura generated around each piece – figurine, statue or impression, is created to spread an awareness of the divinity within each one of us.

About Life Is A Gift Shop:

The intention at Life Is A Gift Shop is to offer the best crystals excavated by Fair Trade sources. These crystals are natural and untreated unless stated otherwise. They also offer all kinds of New Age and spiritual gifts. The mark-up is halfway between wholesale and retail due to our low overhead.