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Over 18 years of trusted service, A2 Scaffolding Limited has wholly gained the trust of those in need for Scaffolding Contractors Maidstone. A2 Scaffolding Limited truly knows how to turn a first-time customer into a regular. With their renowned reputation for always delivering topnotch service, they have become the go-to contracting business in the area.

On top of the respect that customers have for them, the A2 Scaffolding Limited has worked with some of the big players such as UC Build, Hollingbourne Property Services, and Clarendon Homes. They have indeed captured the art of scaffolding and other means of construction services. Some of their services include installation of temporary roofs, access towers, handrails, various tree protection scaffolds, construction of towers and other formworks, and free quotation or consultation services.

Customers and previous clients of A2 Scaffolding Limited have found themselves amazed by the level of professionalism and integrity that the workers have for the job. They have been receiving praise and positive reviews year after year.

* “Fantastic company, every project has been completed quickly, efficiently, and safely. Would definitely recommend.”

* “I have used A2 Scaffolding for various sites; they are very reliable and such a friendly team of lads. Every quotation has been received promptly. All time schedules have been met for projects. I cannot fault the professionalism, precision, and the safety precautions exercised.”

* “A2 Scaffolding was great! They obtained all appropriate licenses from the council as the job was on a busy high street. Highly recommend and will use again and again.”

With A2 Scaffolding Limited’s services, you would not have to worry too much about permits, safety procedures, health risks, an extended time frame for projects to be completed, additional costs that would eventually break your bank. If there is one thing A2 Scaffolding Limited is known for it is that they cherish their relationship with their clients.

Whether you are in search of a scaffolding contractor that works with private projects, public or governmental projects, or large commercial projects, A2 Scaffolding Limited is entirely efficient in any job assigned to them. They know that clients expect a high standard output from them considering that their team is composed of highly-trained scaffolders who are qualified and equipped to undergo any task.

These workers are employed directly by A2 Scaffolding Limited to ensure the quality performance at hand; they are never sub-contracted.

Thus, it is in the very nature of A2 Scaffolding Limited to ensure the quality, and health and safety of not only their work, not just the finished product, not only the public, but also that of their employees and scaffolders.

Furthermore, A2 Scaffolding Contractors Maidstone are 100% insured including a £ 10,000,000 for Employers Liability, Public & Products Liability. With this, clients are more confident in the ability of the A2 Scaffolding Limited to carry out the task impeccably.

The A2 Scaffolding Limited also ensures that they exercise utmost and reasonable care when performing their work as they would want the structure to be adequately constructed to minimize any potential threat. Furthermore, they also ensure that what is built adheres to all current statutory regulations applicable.

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