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Euro Energy, a manufacturer and supplier of battery packs and complementary medical products such as the Lifepak 1000, announced a 15% discount for their popular automated external defibrillator. This AED is one of the more rugged and vehicle-friendly units available on the market today.

“Due to [the Lifepak 1000’s] clinical effectiveness, more and more entities are requesting it which is why Euro Energy has decided to put out a special offer for it,” said company representative Nicholas Goddard. “It features the cprMAX™ Technology which minimises the need for CPR interruptions. Through this technology, the compressions are allowed to continue even if the AED is charging.” Other features that Goddard highlighted include:

– An easy-to-read large LCD screen display to provide as much information as possible.

– A shock counter that digitally records all the delivered shocks. They’re also logged and displayed on the screen.

– The backwards compatibility of the AED allows it to be used with other defibrillators and monitors from the same manufacturer.

– The durability of the AED which allows it to withstand the constant movement and vibrations during vehicular transportation.

– An easily programmable setting that can be adjusted to suit the needs and methods of the user. This is extremely useful for places with different protocols and have to adhere to specific regulations.

– The capability of the AED to generate enough defibrillation power to escalate up to 360J.

– A CPR countdown timer of the AED that is fully configurable.

A voice prompt that can read the on-screen text to allow the user to work on other things while being read the logs and archives of the AED.

There are numerous carrying cases, power options, delivery and ECG monitoring accessories that are compatible with the Lifepak 1000. It can also be placed on different cabinets such as those with an alarm and strobe. Simpler mounting options are available if the unit is only going to be used as a backup. Lastly, the AED supports IrDA adaptors for USB and serial connection adding to its versatility and compatibility with many devices.

LiFePO4 Batteries

The LiFePO4 battery is a popular industrial batteries available on the Euro Energy catalogue. It’s a lightweight battery that features the highest cycle life at up to 3,000 cycles at 60% capacity with a 100% depth of discharge. The operating temperature of the battery ranges from -20°C to +60°C. It’s compatible with fast charging and can be used as a drop-in replacement for similar Valve Regulated Lead Acid counterparts.

About Euro Energy: Euro Energy is a Leicester-based manufacturer of batteries and associated products. Founded in 1981, they’ve lead the industry in terms of quality and customer service. Euro Energy is a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited supplier, is registered with the MHRA for the manufacture of replacement medical batteries (CA006924) and is compliant with the European Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC & 2006/66/EC.

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