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Weight management is a regulatory procedure which is tough for both: a two-legged and a four-legged. Malnutrition and obesity are the two issues which are the resultants of a pet owner not being properly educated about the proper canine nutrition. Susceptibility to diseases, hair loss, dry skin, dandruff, poor eyesight, weak bones, and teeth, as well as the risk of developing arthritis, are some of the numerous symptoms of malnutrition in pets.

On the other hand, developing respiratory and heart disease, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and many forms of cancers – especially intra-abdominal are the common disorders experienced by an obese two-legged. The weight of pets is regulated by the standardization of calorie intake. The amount of calorie that your pet requires depend on two factors namely the activity level and weight. Active pets require more energy. Furthermore, lactating pets naturally need more energy to produce milk. The weight of the pet also relates to its body size and a large body would need more energy than a smaller one.

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Global Market Drivers and Drivers

Controlling the weight of the pets and to deal with the issues associated with it has been the prime focus of the pet owners for a long time now which in turn has turned the market for pet foods in terms of volume to be huge and spreading all over the globe. Weight management pet food market is anticipated to rise primly because of the modern-day aware population which demand for healthy food for their pets. Also, introduction of e-commerce web sites, exclusively for the pet care products have given the small players to showcase their weight management products globally.

This has created a global demand for weight management pet foods products. Humanization of pet foods have created a buzz in last few years. Brands have put in a lot of options other than the conventional pet foods like no added preservatives or 100% natural. Brands are putting more efforts to manufacture pet foods which has an adequate conglomeration of all the essential nutrients including complex carbohydrates, proteins and added L-carnitine to help the body burn more fat and sustain lean muscle mass. Continuous efforts have also been made to change the trend of packaging of the pet food products so as to support the brand identity and mainly backed by the idea of majority equating the brand product quality with its packaging quality.

Regional Outlook

E-commerce accounts for a large chunk in the sale of weight management pet food market. Northern America and Europe at present are the principal producers as well as consumers. Asia-Pacific & Japan are the next big consumers of weight management pet food market. High growth in the Asia Pacific region in terms of weight management pet food market can be attributed to the strong demand from emerging economies such as China and India.

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Key Players

The major players who are driving the weight management pet food market are Fromm Family Foods LLC, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc, The Nutro Comapany, Purina ( a part of Nestle group) ,THENAKEDDOG, Dr Tim’s Pet Food Company, Blue Buffalo Co.Ltd, Precise Pet Products and others.