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Smarty International

Regional Headquarters
CNN building 2, Office 301, P.O. Box 11763
Media City, Dubai, U.A.E

Phone +971 4 564 61 45

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Smart TV Advertising to Change the World

Smarty International is an innovative technology that has helped television advertising to reach a new level. It is a personalized advertising system that is delivered straight to the viewer’s television screen. There are tremendous benefits for business that advertise through Smarty. It is a read-made audience and businesses have the opportunity to reach them in the comfort of their home.

For some businesses in the U.A.E that have no access to advertising on local television or prime time can take advantage of Smart television ads in Dubai because it is like no other. Businesses can use this new form of advertising and leverage their power to put their company at the forefront of the audiences’ minds.

There is a reason why television advertising in Dubai continues to be one of the most important platforms of advertising of any kind. Television audiences are loyal and long-lasting, with viewers setting aside free time to watch their favorite programs and there are minimal distractions in general when watching television. This is the best opportunity for businesses to display personalized ads that viewers can click on if interested. Viewers are given flexibility when it comes to viewing adverts. They can choose to view it at the moment or view it at a later time.

There is a reward in all of this, where audiences are compensated for the time they spend viewing ads. This is an added bonus for viewers that businesses can take advantage of. When there is something on offer for free, it is likely that audiences will pay more attention. The capturing of this attention is all the time businesses need to promote their products and services in the hope that it can convert into leads and sales.

The Director of Smarty International had this to say, “Companies advertise on TV channels to promote their goods and services, and viewers get paid for their time and attention for viewing these ads. This leads to viewers, in most instances, buying these products and services. So it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”