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The creator of quality benefit programs for large businesses helps employers give their employees access to quality health insurance carriers, with unique coverage plans to suit their needs.

[AGOURA HILLS, 5/21/2018] – Hixme provides employees with broad access to quality health insurance carriers, beginning with its Core Health Plan. This is a health plan that covers the critical needs of employees, and it is available to where each worker or dependent lives. The company has connections with over 170 carriers and more than 3,000 plans nationwide.

Hixme explains, “We have a variety of direct-to-consumer plans from over 170 different carriers. Offerings will vary based on your regional location. You are not limited to only one or two coverage options or a single carrier.”

Health Coverage that Helps the Workers

Hixme provides health coverage plans that help companies give their workers exactly what they need at the cost they want. This helps in reducing the costs of health insurance.

Employers can allocate a monthly benefit allowance for employees and allow them to buy the insurance that fits their personal needs.

Hixme emphasizes that by providing access to all available local carrier options, the workers’ personalized benefit plans stop feeding into the national healthcare problems.

Beneficial to Both Employers and Workers

Even if employers want to give their workers fully utilized and personal benefits, there are limited options available for them from traditional insurance medical benefits.

Hixme enables employees to have coverage for each member of their family and their personal needs. This will reduce administrative complexity and costs for the company’s HR and benefits team. The quality benefit programs creator will also streamline benefits enrollment and eliminate annual coverage level redesign.

The financial team of employers can further reduce the overall cost of benefits. They can do so by automating payroll deductions and carrier settlements as well as integrate Hixme’s platform with their accounting and reporting processes.

About Hixme

Hixme helps enrich the lives of workers and their families through quality benefit programs. The company aims to bring back the benefit lost in the traditional employer-by-employer based model through its intuitive platform, the Workplace Market. The platform matches health bundles uniquely designed for the workers and their families.

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