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Formula Motorsports provides a range of services for Porsches in NYC to keep every vehicle running optimally.

[NEW YORK, 21/5/2018] – Formula Motorsports offers a full range of Porsche repair and maintenance services in New York City. The service center is set apart by five decades of experience in the industry and its vast knowledge of different Porsche models. Customers can expect a job that meets factory standards every time.

Specializing in All Porsche Models

As the first Bosch Certified service location in the US, Formula Motorsports’s team knows every Porsche model’s specs intimately. They stay on the forefront of the latest technology to perform successful and cost-effective diagnoses. The company works on all Porsche models, including sports cars, sedans, and SUV models from 1948-2019. Whether vintage or modern, the service center has the equipment and tools to ensure that its repair and maintenance services meet Porsche factory standards.

It uses only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and provides superior repair and maintenance services.

Transparent Pricing

Before starting on any repair or maintenance work, Formula Motorsports provides an estimate of costs upon vehicle drop-off. Customers who choose to service their cars at the service center do not risk voiding their Porsche warranty — the team has been providing maintenance services for more than 51 years. The company ensures that all jobs are free of hidden fees, and it offers price reductions whenever possible.

A Convenient Location

Formula Motorsports holds the distinction of being the only full-service Porsche center in New York and Long Island. Furthermore, it is the first exclusive Porsche facility in the US. Located near the 59th/Lex and midtown, the center is accessible to car owners.

A State-of-the-Art Facility

The service center is a 14,000 square feet facility that combines space with style. It has 16 dedicated work bays, 3-stall engine rooms, and a Cellette Frame center to accommodate various service requests. Customers simply need to schedule a visit; the center accommodates any service request.

About Formula Motorsports

Formula Motorsports is a dedicated Porsche service center in New York City. It offers various services, including collision repair, regular factory maintenance, paint protection, oil changes, aesthetics, engine and gearbox rebuilds, pre-purchase inspections, suspension services, and more.

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