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Have you ever engaged in Path of Exile party play? Do you know how to behave in multiplayer? What is the proper etiquette during master rotations? What is the proper etiquette during a carry, either giving or receiving? I hope this guide will help you.

1. Usually the party is renamed for master rotas to determine order. Make sure you are in the right master party and that you actually have a daily, and that your master is the appropriate level. Any deviation really isn’t acceptable.

2. Global 820 is sharing, Trade 820 is commoditized. Do not sell stuff in global.

3. Just be aware of what can happen when you enter a map, you use a portal and monster HP increases, if someone is doing a hard guardian map with 35% boss life life on it and damage mods, you just added ~9.72m life to it. Depending on the build, its a bad day made much worse.

4. If you are doing any other rota/map sharing/party play, just know that you gain flasks if someone else kills a monster, if you cant keep up, bring a quicksilver and a silver and just pick up important loot, try not to fall behind as you wont get loot and the party has to pick up your slack, and you probably won’t be able to catch up.

5. Bear in mind that killing monsters without the party is bad manners. Anyways, I feel keeping up pace is important.

Its probably best to party with friends vs randoms without a goal in mind, ill do map/challenge/master rotas, but im generally forever alone as i’d rather play at my own pace and not wait for 5 people to take bio/smoke/drink/misc breaks, PoE can definitely be more efficient in a group though.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy items, you will get more gains.