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Moving your entire household is an exciting yet very challenging period of your life. While there are numerous things to take care of, the question of the relocation cost is one of the most important. Knowing the price of the move allows setting the proper budget and avoiding unexpected expenses. So, how much does it cost to hire a moving company?
Of course, every move is unique and requires individual approach as well as different moving services. The exact price of your specific move will be based on the number of factors and vary from mover to mover. It’s not a secret that moving can be quite expensive. However, hiring professional local or long distance moving companies is the most convenient and efficient way to move. Moving experts have all the necessary equipment and specially trained staff to carry out even the most difficult relocation smoothly.

H2- Moving cost

As it was said earlier, the factors like the distance, the size and the difficulty of your specific relocation as well as the need of additional moving services will affect the final estimate significantly. The following information will give you the idea of how much does it cost to use a moving company.

• Moving locally. Usually, for a local move you will be charged on an hourly basis, however, some carriers may charge by the weight if you’re moving more than 50 miles. The average moving cost of a three-bedroom home is $2,300 for four movers at $200 per hour if the general weight of your household items is 7,400 pounds. The smaller the move the less you’ll pay. The cost of different local movers varies from state to state.
• Moving long-distance. The cost of long-distance relocation is based on the total weight of the shipment, the distance between the pickup and delivery locations and labor. The average price for moving a three-bedroom house, for instance, is $4,300 for the total weight of 7,400 pounds. The smaller household will cost much less respectively.

H2- Factors affecting the relocation price

Consider the following factors influencing the price of your relocation.

• Time of the move. The time you choose to move affects the final estimate significantly. Therefore, if possible, try to avoid morning hours, weekends, beginning and the end of the month, spring and summer. It’s wise to choose a carrier far in advance in order to get the best deal and find out how much does it cost for a moving company to carry out your specific move.
• Additional moving services. The need for any additional services like packing, dismantling, reassembling, crating etc. increases the final cost of your move. So, before making a final choice of the carrier, make sure to ask how much do moving services cost in the company.
• Packing supplies. Expenses for packing supplies including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and many others, shouldn’t be underestimated.
• Travel fees. You should also take into account other expenses like labor costs for the time needed to get the final destination and fuel expenses.

As you can see, calculating the costs of your specific move and finding a professional mover is difficult. However, with QQ moving service you will be able to do that in no time. The platform offers a comprehensive list of reliable movers in the USA and a useful moving cost calculator with a help of which you’ll find out the cost of your relocation. All you need to do is enter the information regarding the size, the type of your move and the distance between the locations. In only several minutes you’ll get the best yet affordable carrier according to your moving needs.