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Industrial Electronics packaging market is likely to gain traction in the upcoming years owing to the development in electronics industry. In the field of electronic engineering, packaging is a major discipline that includes a large variety of technologies. Industrial electronics packaging must consider protection from cooling, mechanical damage, electrostatic discharge, etc. Industrial Electronics is a broad field that include aerospace, electronic control system, and industrial instrumentation. Industrial electronics packaging is also associated with transportation, security, and telecommunication. Industrial electronics is a large family indeed, but it is different from entertainment and consumer electronics. Industrial electronics packaging covers wide range of devices such as capacitors, motor drives, panel metres, limit switches, and testers, etc. Industrial electronics packaging market is expected to grow at a rapid speed during the forecast period of 2017 to 2027.

Industrial Electronics Packaging – Dynamics:

Industrial electronics packaging require specific packaging of devices that are electrostatic sensitive and require packaging made from electrostatic discharge or dissipative materials. Industrial electronics packaging provide sophisticated designs and engineering to the devices. Industrial electronics packaging provide protection and transportation to electrostatic sensitive electronic devices with the help of electrostatic dissipative clamshells, blisters, and trays. Industrial electronics packaging includes electrostatic dissipative packaging which is ideal for circuit boards, hard drives, memory modules, and telecommunication electronic devices.

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Industrial electronics packaging provide circuit support and protection, signal distribution, and power distribution. Industrial electronics packaging is a final stage of the device fabrication in which the product is encapsulated in a supporting case that prevents corrosion and physical damage. Development in packaging and interconnect technologies was driven by increasing functionality of industrial electronics devices and higher end use expectation in recent past. Industrial electronics packaging is a significant choice because electronic devices and custom manufactured parts require exact fit, physical protection, and static protection when handled or during transportation.

Industrial electronics packaging is one of the most diversified and dynamic sectors, growing at rapid speed with continuous innovations. Manufacturers providing various solutions of industrial electronics packaging such as protective packaging solutions which gives the cushioning support to the electronic components and adhere to the qualification such as shock absorption, blocking, and bracing while meeting the desires such as source reduction, reuse, and recycling. There are some other packaging solutions for industrial electronics packaging such as antistatic packaging solutions which protects the product from electronic discharge, electrical overstress, dust accumulation, minor surface damage, and major impact such as vibration damage.

Industrial Electronics Packaging – Regional Outlook:

On the basis of geography industrial electronics packaging market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Japan. Among these region, North-America is the key market for industrial electronics packaging. Europe and North America, both the regional markets are perceiving a steady growth rate, which ensures their future governance.

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Industrial Electronics Packaging – Major Players:

Some of the prominent players operating in the global industrial electronics packaging market include Dordan Manufacturing Company, The Box Co-Op, Kiva Container Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, Orlando Products Inc., GY Packaging, Plastiform Inc., UFP Technologies, Inc., DuPont, Primex Design & Fabrication and Quality Foam Packaging Inc.