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Market Highlights:

Automated Border gates are computerized self-service barriers operated by border force located at immigration check points, at arrival halls, which proves its worth in the sector through smoother and faster passenger flow, reduced frustrations and provides more operational efficiency. For operation, the passports are required to possess a biometric logo on the front cover which can be readable by automated border control gates. After recognizing the ID, the person at control tower confirmed the person’s identification with the support of facial recognition technology and provides immigration. These gates can be adapted at all major arriving halls of the airport, seaport which reduces the time taken by the conventional ones. With the increase in automation and IoT, it is necessary to adapt such technologies in order to be prepared for future challenges. Gunnebo Group (Sweden) mentioned in its recent study that in 2015, 700 million people travel yearly and is expected to grow by 75% in 2023. Incorporating automated border control, provides facilitates faster immigration to passengers within shorter time duration.

Due to rise in security concern against terrorism and illegal works, many of the airports, seaports and borders are implementing automated border control gates and other technologies. This are controlled by a centrally located computer and is mainly operated at the time of immigration check in airports. The automated system may mostly include an automated passport scanner, a biometric facial recognition, and other technology that helps in automatic reading at control gates. The market is largely fuelled by rise in automation and IoT applications. Europe is one of the first regions to adopt automated border control to provide an efficient security check system at its airports.

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Major Key Players

HID Global (U.S.),

Atos Corporation (France),

Cognitec Systems (Germany),

 Cominfosec (Czech Republic),

Cross Match Technologies Inc. (U.S.),

Gemalto (the Netherlands),

Gunnebo Group Corporation (Sweden),

Accenture PLC (Ireland),

Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH (Germany), and Modi Modular Digits GmbH (Germany) as the key players in the global automated border control market.

Automated Border Control Global Market – Segmentation

The market for automated border control is segmented by solution type, by component, and by application. On the basis of solution, the segment is further classified into ABC eGate and ABC Kiosk which differ by the process they follow. In the case of eGate, it allows the users to go through scanning of biometric page and then facial recognition which provides immigration after confirming from security tower. While with Kiosk, the passport is inserted in a kiosk machine where all the necessary identification will be done inside the machine and provides a token for eGate. The growth of this market can be attributed to rising security concerns and enhanced traveler convenience during border crossing process. Nine new automated passport control eGates have been installed at Copenhagen Airport which provides immigration on facial recognition technology. Vision Box, an Australian based company, implemented automated border control technology at the busiest airports like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and many more. As of now 83 eGates have been installed and over 10 million passengers have been successfully screened through them.

Regional Analysis

On the basis of region, Europe is leading the Automated Border Control market. The major reason behind this is most of the automation companies are based in Europe and possess strong technical base in the region. Most of the busiest airports in Europe such as Heathrow Airport (London), Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France), and Frankfurt Airport (Germany) are already equipped with automated border control gates. The Netherlands based company Gelmato acquired 3M’s Identity Management Business made a strategic move by adapting it’s biometric technology. North America is expected to occupy second place in revenue generation for automated border control in the market. Further, Crossmatch Technologies Inc., which is the largest independent provider of biometric solutions, has acquired DigitalPersona. This acquisition has helped in making the advancements in technology for identification. Secunet (Germany), which is a key player in European market, has taken over bintec elmeg Security GmbH in July 2017. This acquisition has strengthened Secunet with additional expertise and expansion of its packet alarm product family. 

Asia Pacific region is said to be at a growing stage. Rise in security concerns, need for automation and improved traveler convenience are the drivers responsible for the growth. China Public Security Technology, which is a leading provider of high tech public security Information, successfully implemented automation at busiest airports in China such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and its objective is to make all the airports automated by 2025.

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