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As the temperatures soar high, every civilised man starts toworry about the three S’s – Sun, Sweat and Stink. These three are powerful enough to make him lose his confidence and probably make everyone around him wonder whether he showered or not. Don’t let the summer heat or the stink get in the way of your grooming routine. WILD STONE has got you covered. Follow these simple grooming tips to stay fresh and confident this Summer.
1. Start with the shower- The insane heat, dust and grime does a number on your skin. Start the day with a refreshing shower and use a deodorizing body soap instead of a regular soap to tackle the odour effectively.
2. Shave after showering – The pores of your skin are open once you shower and make it the perfect time to move onto your shaving routine. Use a good quality shaving brush and razor for a smoother shave. And don’t forget to balance your skin’s pH levels with a soothing aftershave.
3. Use deodorising Talc– Summer heat causes loads of skin irritation and itchiness. Use a deodorising talc to smoothen your skin and keep it dry and irritant-free.
4. Deodorant– If you don’t want BO (body odour), don’t forget the Deo. Deodorants are best for daytime to keep you fresh and dry without the overpowering effect of a perfume. Use a deodorant on your pulse points and not just the underarms for long lasting fragrance.
5. Perfume- Complete the dapper look with a befitting fragrance. Choose from the wide range of perfumes that Wild Stone has to offer and you will surely get noticed in no time.
6. Sunscreen– Sunscreens are not just for women. Your skin will get tanned and sunburnt too. Invest in a good sunscreen with high SPF (sun protection factor) to keep you safe from UVA and UVB rays.

There you have it, six easy summer grooming tips for when the mercury rises! Leave the stench behind and carry your confidence to enjoy endless hours outdoors.