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Attending an interview is always stressful as it is the last step in the pursuit of your job and not knowing what shall be asked in an interview. If you are applying for dba jobs here is one portal that can help you out in preparing the dba interview questions online with extensive coverage of all the concepts and questions that can be asked on the subject. As the portal divides the questions into different categories like dba interview questions for freshers, experts and pro you can easily start your preparation with the questions that can be expected based on the level of dba job that you have applied for in a company. The best part with the portal bringing you the dba questions is that you can browse the questions topic wise so that you can check out the topics that you are not confident to practice the questions thoroughly and just go through the topics that you are confident without spending much time on those questions.

The online preparation on the dba interview questions is quite interesting because you can go through the questions and at the same time also checkout the answers whether you got it correct or not and also join the forum to discuss the answers that is quite an interesting aspect. You also have quiz on each topic so that you can check out your preparation level on each topic before appearing for the interview. The portal covers all the topics and you can directly browse the topic or a question using the search tool on the portal. It is really a wonderful experience practicing the dba interview questions online as you can learn the concepts of the subjects in an interesting manner and test your preparation levels than and there to know whether you are ready for the interview or need some more time on preparing the subject. By being thorough with the subject you can present yourself more confidently in the interview and answer most of the questions that assures of a job.

As there is lot of competitive for dba jobs you cannot just relax with whatever you know but should regularly brush your concepts and update your knowledge in the subject to do well in the interviews and impress the interviewer with your knowledge and skills in the subject to get your job.

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