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Music Lessons by Dina is one of the well-known Music studios in Bay Area, CA for the Music lessons like Piano, Voice, and Theory of Music. Mrs. Dina Mirskaya is an Experienced Piano Teacher and also the owner of this music school. Established in the year of 1994, Mrs. Dina is providing her teaching service to the music lovers for more than 2 decades in Cupertino. The classes at Music lessons by Dina are offered to the children of 6 to the adults without the knowledge of the music and also Professionals.

About Piano Lesson by Dina

The Piano is one of the most popular musical instruments that all age group people want to learn. This Keyboard Instrument is not only a versatile one which helps to learn music knowledge and learn skills that apply to other instruments, but also a useful musical tool to improve the motor and learning skills in nature for a student. Mrs. Dina Mirskaya is a Professional Piano Teacher who has been teaching Piano and Singing lessons for 20 years. She teaches both the Classical and Non-classical music and in the genre Classical, Broadway and Jazz. Her music lessons are offered at the level of Beginner, intermediate and Professional classes.

For Beginners, Mrs. Dina takes individual care on every student to teach them all kinds of basics in Piano learning. Like from reading the music notes, recognizing notes by ear, understanding the key and chords hand placement, hand movement and seating position, etc to teach every small detail to her student to help to have the best learning experiences. Our Piano Teacher develops the class section of every student according to their age, capacity, and skills. Her unique way of teaching and one-on-one session in the class will help a beginner to develop music knowledge and gain understanding in the Music Theory. And the Piano lessons are all private and offered in flexible sessions like in 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour depending upon the age and skills.

And also they offer Voice Lessons in both classical and non-classical music in different genre and languages. All their classes are offered at flexible hours to all range of people. The Lessons are available at monthly packages. And a student can enroll in the classes at any time in all year long.

About Music lessons by Dina

Based in Bay Area, California; Music Lessons by Dina is one of the best Music Schools in Cupertino. The owner of the school Mrs. Dina is a Professional Music teacher who provides both the Voice and Piano lessons to every range of music enthusiast. Her passion and determination towards the music, made her open this music studio to teach music to the people in the year 1994. Mrs. Dina is also an active member of MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California) since 1993 and MTAC CA since 1994. And also some of the students in her schools are also enrolled in prestigious Music College like Stanford, Yale, University of Southern California and Columbia – Julliard. To know more about the Piano Teacher and their lessons, visit

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