Lay Flat Bags Market Rugged Expansion Foreseen by 2027

Lay Flat Bags are made of thin, flexible, plastic film or plastic textile for containing and storing goods such as food, chemicals, etc., and allow high volume of content. Lay Flat Bags are among the most commonly used plastic bags because they provide excellent protection for everyday use at a great price. They are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to package any product. Lay Flat Bags offer a unique opportunity to reduce packaging weight, and product to packaging weight ratio while separating from traditional rigid alternatives like glass jars and metal cans regarding on-the-shelf appearance and consumer convenience. The premade pouch packaging of Lay Flat Bags can be efficiently filled and closed utilizing the system of premade spouted pouches, caps and filling lines. Other features offered by Lay Flat Bags are; an easy-to-open flip-cap, a built-in tamper-evident pull ring, and an anti-spill and valve that dispenses contents on being squeezed. The customizable valves provide clean product cutoff as well as controlled drip-free dispensing and offer maximum functionality for the consumer. In the coming years, market for Lay Flat Bags is expected to grow considerably, across the globe.

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Market Dynamics:

One of the major factors driving the market for Lay Flat Bags is the increasing demand from food manufacturers, such as meeting the FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and are made from low-density polyethene. These modifications are in high demand in the market since the consumer is more driven towards quick and safe intake of food ingredients, which ultimately aids in driving the Lay Flat Bags market. For instance, the growing frozen food demand due to ease of storage indirectly drives the global Lay Flat Bags market. The Lay Flat Bags are regarded as safe by authorities, which has a positive impact on the sale of Lay Flat Bags. The various factors that can restrain the market of Lay Flat Bags are, their make from plastic and decomposition time (which is centuries). Use of plastic bags is legislated by authorities, which also impacts the market for lay flat bags.

Market Segmentation: 

The retailers’ now-a-days keeps first-hand knowledge on purchase habits of the consumers which they transmit to the manufacturers in the supply chain. This information that is generated is transferred from producer to manufacturer which causes the demand for Lay Flat Bags since it is a packaging material for manufactures. Thus, the Lay Flat Bags manufacturer has to plan their business through consumer feedback and responses, the change in the eating habits and penetration of modernizing food products such as fast food, demand for technology, etc. 

The global Lay Flat Bags market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Globally, the food industry is performing in an evolving manner where food manufacturers and suppliers are developing and working closely to meets the variety of demands from consumers.

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The Lay Flat Bags market in North America is in its growing phase. With the increasing disposable income and consumerism, Asia Pacific and the Middle East region stand ahead regarding the demand for vacuum thermoformed trays. As a result Lay Flat Bags market will witness a significant rise in CAGR through the forecasted period through our forecasted period. The APEJ Lay Flat Bags market is expected to grow at significant CAGR during the forecast period, due to the growing end-use industry such as pharmaceutical food and personal care.  Europe and North America will also witness a steady but slower growth through the forecasted period. The consumer’s trends are changing in the region which is influenced by the growing retailers generating the attractive and likewise innovative sale formats.

Key Players:

The prominent players in the Lay Flat Bags market are: Boxes 4 U, Layflat Plastic Bags, Trampak, Poly Pak Plastics, Zee Green Bags, Atlantic Poly Inc, Four Star Plastics, US Poly Pack, General Plastic Extrusions, Inc., Brentwood Plastics,