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Hand-Held Capping Machines in the present scenario are experiencing considerable adoption in various geographies, because of the benefits Hand-Held Capping Machines provide in performing operations. Hand-Held Capping Machines are used to cap the bottles in most efficient and proper way so that the liquid inside it is kept well protected and safe for long term.  In the hand held capping process, the process fixture of a cap to the bottle is done manually. In this, a worker holds a bottle in hand or on stationary platform and manually adjusts the capping device over the bottle opening. After the cap is fixed, the machine worker continues this with other bottles. Bottler capper can be adjusted for all sizes of caps. Hand-Held Capping Machines are used in facilities industries where products are packed in bottles which include beverages, lip balms, foods and sauces, cleaning chemicals, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, acids and corrosives, and automotive.

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Market Dynamics:

The factors which are positively impacting the Hand-Held Capping Machines market are Push to start for easy operation, excellent combination of value, power and ergonomic features , precision automatic stop, low noise, low vibration and high accuracy, reverse/forward switch, excellent repeatable torque, CE certified for extra benefits and safety, and torque adjustable by tool-less external dial. The factors negatively impacting the Hand-Held Capping Machines market are Specialty caps can require additional costs to the delivery systems and be more difficult to initially setup. Hand-Held Capping Machines must have a fairly rigid container to handle downward capping pressure which are only suitable for snap cap types having limited speeds.

Currently, the Hand-Held Capping Machines market is driven by technological advancements in various industries where products are being shipped into bottle containers. The market for Hand-Held Capping Machines is also driven by increased demand for packaged food and beverages which can be reused. Moreover, use of spout pouches for packaging of products has impacted the sales of conventional bottle caper, impacting the Hand-Held Capping Machines. Nevertheless, companies engaged in manufacturing bottle capers are adopting strategies and expanding product offerings, which is helping the Hand-Held Capping Machinesto maintain a constant sales over past three years. All these drivers are expected to significantly impact the Hand-Held Capping Machines market in the coming years, thus enhancing the growth of Hand-Held Capping Machines.

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Key Market Players:

KINEX Cappers, ACCUTEK Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc., APACKS Packaging, Inc., SWAN-MATIC Bottle Capp, ing Machines and Equipment Medi-Pack Process and Technologies, Quick Capper, , Spheretech Packaging India Private Limited, The CARY Company,