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As the Philippine real estate market continues to grow, real estate investors are looking for accurate information about housing properties. Land Estimate helps them make the right decision.

[PHILIPPINES, 16/5/2018] – Backed by a strong GDP in the 1st quarter of 2018, the Philippine housing market has seen steady growth over the past few months. This means that more people can now enjoy a diverse number of real estate options in and around Metro Manila.

To help people make informed decisions regarding their real estate investments, Land Estimate provides comprehensive reviews of some of the best housing properties in Metro Manila.

A Robust Market

Industry experts predicted a steady growth of the Philippine real estate market back in January. As the 1st quarter of 2018 ends, that prediction has come true: Metro Manila is currently enjoying 5% vacancy due to extra stock of real estate, with condominium and residential developments making up 64% of the total stock.

Because of this, housing properties are becoming the next big option for potential investors, with pricing options becoming more varied as different types of housing developments go up.

Land Estimate’s Comprehensive Reviews

For investors looking for the right type of housing property to invest in, Land Estimate provides comprehensive and in-depth analyses of various types of property in and around Metro Manila. Land Estimate is an independent and unbiased property review site that gives potential investors and homeowners accurate and up-to-date information about real estate.

Land Estimate has reviewed condominiums and residential developments all around the metro, with their in-house team of real estate experts and financial analysts actually going to the site in order to experience the area first hand. This system helps Land Estimate provide clients with a complete view of a property, from total livable area to the surrounding community.

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