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Los Angeles, California (webnewswire) May 8, 2018 – The California entertainment insurance brokers at MFE Insurance Brokers discuss different coverages of nightlife insurance including bar, restaurant, and nightclub insurance. These can include general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, and assault and battery insurance. It is important for nightlife businesses to be covered under these policies due to the high risk of property damage, lawsuits, and profit loss they face on a nightly basis. If business owners don’t take precaution to seek coverage under nightlife policies, they may be faced with bankruptcy, loss of licensure and could even be forced to close down. Since businesses in the nightlife industry run a high risk for legal consequences, nightlife coverage policies are one of the specialties the entertainment insurance brokers at MFE Insurance focus on.

The most important insurance policy a restaurant, bar, or nightclub should be covered under is a general liability insurance policy. This insurance policy will protect an owner from bodily injury and property damage claims that might occur. It covers “third parties” who are usually patrons of the establishment that aren’t the insured owner’s employees who may sue the establishment. It also covers the expenses of claim investigations as well as the legal fees and settlements that may result from a third party lawsuit. Also, the injured party’s medical expenses and damaged property expenses will also be covered. MFE General Liability Insurance will protect a business from a wide range of potential liabilities.

Another insurance policy that MFE Insurance suggests is crucial to a nightlife business is a liquor liability insurance policy. This insurance policy coverage will protect a business from a lawsuit a patron files against the business if they were intoxicated and suffered bodily injury to themselves or caused injury to another customer. It is highly important to note that if a restaurant, bar, or club serves alcohol, they are responsible for the behavior of the patrons when they are drinking. Liquor Liability Coverage ensures that if a customer were to drive home drunk and cause an accident or damage, the establishment may be at fault, however it will be covered from any potential lawsuit. Because of the highly risky nature of incidents involving intoxicated customers, a nightlife establishment is highly prone to lawsuits and should seek to obtain a nightlife policy from MFE Insurance Brokers.

Assault and Battery Insurance is also highly recommended by MFE Insurance Brokers. Much like Liquor Liability Insurance, if a customer who engages in a fight at a nightlife business is injured, the business could be liable for any injuries sustained and any medical costs accrued. Many third party customers are often quick to file a lawsuit against the establishment in hopes of reaping some financial damages, but with assault and battery insurance, the nightlife venue is covered for the legal fees, medical bills, and any settlements that result from the claim.

MFE Insurance Brokers specialize in entertainment insurance, but have expanded their services to those beyond just the entertainment industry, such as nightlife, technology, drone/UAV, and the cannabis industry. The MFE insurance policies cover the businesses themselves, as well as their workers and employees, and make themselves available to protect businesses from high-risk situations and unforeseen incidents. MFE Insurance Brokers offer their time and effort to ensure that their clients get the coverage they need, when they need it. For more information, visit their website at or call 213-266-7990. You can also find them at 811 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017.