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When people are considering investment, one of the opportunities that they might be offered by an introducer, like Amyma, is that chance to invest in capital bonds.

[LONDON, 16/5/2018] – What are capital bonds? Capital bonds are an alternative for people who want to invest, but who are worried about the volatility of investing in the stock market. Capital bonds are one of the structures that introducing company Amyma offers to clients who are looking for information on investments.

When someone invests in capital bonds, it is like they are giving a loan to the issuer for a set period of time. When this time is up, the capital bonds reach maturity and the investor gets some or all of their investment back. They may have been taking an income during the term of the capital bonds or they may be expecting a lump sum that is greater than their original investment.

Amyma – How long are bond investments?

The time taken for the various capital bonds that are discovered by Amyma to reach maturity varies depending on the issuing entity. It may be a matter of months or as long as a few decades.

Amyma – How much do people invest in capital bonds?

This figure varies depending on the investment. However, it is generally higher than other types of bonds. An average minimum is something like £10,000. When someone gets all the information they need from an introducer like Amyma, the minimum amount is one of the factors they get information about.

Amyma – Are capital bonds flexible?

There are lots of different ways to invest in capital bonds. Some of them might allow for partial withdrawal during the term or perhaps a staggered investment process. Once someone has gained the information they need from Amyma, it is worth them seeking the advice of a financial professional if they are at all unsure about the structure of their investment.

Amyma – Are there any risks associated with capital bonds?

Every investment carries some element of risk. These must be fully elucidated by the issuing entity in a key features document that is provided to the investor before money changes hands. These must be clear and provide information on the worst case scenarios.

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