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Choosing the right solicitors to work with is an important decision. A firm, like Andrew & Andrew, can offer a wider range of services designed to help out at key moments in life.

[PORTSMOUTH, 15/5/2018] – The right help can make thing flow more smoothly and give clients the confidence to make informed decisions about their case. So, how do people choose a good solicitors?

Taking the time to communicate with solicitors like Andrew & Andrew

It’s ok for clients to spend some time asking questions and getting all the information they need from solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, before they make a commitment to the process.

A great solicitors, such as Andrew & Andrew, will be happy to discuss the client’s needs and provide them with quotes for work.

Check out the fees

Solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, should be happy to discuss fees and offer estimates as to how much a service might cost. In some cases, it is hard to predict exact costs as the extent of the work required isn’t always clear from the outset. If this is the case, a solicitor will discuss the parameters and possibilities with their client.

It is still possible for solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, to offer the client reassurances about communication around fees. They might offer to supply regular itemised invoices or notify them if costs over a certain amount are likely to be incurred. Experienced solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, are happy to create a structure that makes their clients feel comfortable going ahead.

Visit the office

While it is not essential for clients to be local to their solicitors, many people like to visit an office, like Andrew & Andrew, so that they can meet their legal team face-to-face. Being local can also help when it’s time to deliver any important documents.

A visit to a firm, like Andrew & Andrew, means that the client can assess the kind of welcome that they get, see the team at work and speak with their solicitor. Some people find it easier to address their needs in person rather than over the phone or by email. A good solicitors, like Andrew & Andrew, will be comfortable with clients visiting the office.

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