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In recent years,Python web development is in the spotlight owing to the variety of benefits it offers. Python is predominantly used for backend web development, data mining and machine learning.

The Major Frameworks used in Python Web Development are:

1)Django: Django is a high-level Python web development framework that facilitates rapid development; clean and efficient design.Django is mostly used for app development, it requires less coding and is secure.

2)Pyramid: The Pyramid framework is designed for building web applications in quick time.With Pyramid add-ons, you can extend the capabilities of Pyramid framework.Add-ons such as SQL and NoSQL databases, authentication are available.

3)Flask: Flask is a lightweight micro framework of Python which is unicode based.The configuration in Flask is simpler than that in Django. It offers integrated support for unit testing and offers high flexibility.

The Advantages of Python Web Development are:

I)Simple Coding: When compared to Java development, Python web development requires considerably less coding. As a developer, you require minimum lines of codes to develop a complex application.

II)Easy Prototyping: As Python web development involves less coding, developing prototypes is much easier and faster in Python.This allows notable money savings and increased customer satisfaction

III)High Flexibility: Python can be easily integrated with other programming languages such as C, Java, Ruby, and others to form CPython, Jython, RubyPython, etc. This flexibility of integrating Python with other languages allows you to run python app in different environments with ease.

IV)Support Libraries: Python web development is found to be beneficial as Python provides extensive support libraries for string operations, web services tools, internet protocols, interface design and many such.

V)Data Structures: Python web development make use of built-in lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform complex data analysis.The dynamic typing option available in python reduces the length of support code.

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