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Saracens Solicitors are ideally situated in the heart of London. They offer clients expertise that comes from many years of offering services as a commercial lease solicitor.

[MARBLE ARCH, 15/5/2018] – The team at Saracens Solicitors work on projects ranging from small to medium commercial ventures all the way up to multi-property business ventures. They cover aspects such as negotiation, planning and renewal, when acting as a commercial lease solicitor.

Saracens Solicitors – Negotiation

The law around commercial leases offers secure boundaries so that all parties know what to expect. It also contains enough flexibility that clients can craft agreements that meet their unique needs. When acting as a commercial lease solicitor, Saracens Solicitors help their clients take advantage of both of these aspects of commercial law. They offer a service that adapts quickly to meet the needs of their clients during the evolution of a project. Negotiation is the key skill that a commercial lease solicitor can offer during this process.

These are just a few of the areas that Saracens Solicitors can utilise their professional negotiating skills when acting as a commercial lease solicitor:

• Agreeing the terms of the lease – getting Saracens Solicitors to act as a commercial lease solicitor right from the beginning of the process is ideal. They can use their skills to craft a customised commercial lease that supports as many of the client’s needs as possible;

• Making alterations – when acting as a commercial lease solicitor, Saracens Solicitors can step in at any point during the term of the lease and assist the client with negotiations around alterations. A commercial lease solicitor is useful during this process as there are nuances that can make a big difference. For example, an agreement about alterations often includes details about what should happen to the renovations when the term of the lease expires;

• Disputes – even when the lease is clear, there may still be room for dispute over unexpected issues. The best way to resolve these is using a commercial lease solicitor like Saracens Solicitors to begin negotiations, mediate and, potentially, go to court. The latter option is usually quite expensive with no guarantee of being compensated for legal costs so it is best to avoid it if possible.