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Joloda’s practical and cost-effective loading systems help speed up industrial loading operations.

[LIVERPOOL, 15/5/2018] – Joloda provides heavy-duty loading solutions for a wide variety of industries. The company manufactures automatic and manual container loading systems capable of swiftly loading and unloading container vans from trucks.

Joloda offers two types of loading systems: container loading systems and container lifting systems. Both are designed to help companies save time and resources.

Cost-Effective, Dynamic Loading Systems

Joloda’s container loading system is designed to help industrial operators load heavy cargo into trucks and container vans more smoothly. The system is fitted with manual skate and track systems and is composed of a ground-level loading platform capable of connecting with container vans. It can handle palletised and non-palletised cargo, such as machinery, air cargo containers, coils, and drums. It is capable of loading up to 28 tonnes in 15 minutes and can work in reverse.

The container lifting system is more suited for loading long, heavy goods at ground level. It operates using electro-hydraulic mechanisms and can lift up to 35 tonnes. It is composed of four jacks on each corner that work simultaneously to lift the van off a truck. The system also works in reverse.

Benefits of Joloda’s Container Track Systems

According to Joloda, their container track systems are a cost-effective alternative to forklifts. They also allow operators to reduce labour costs, as they only require one person to operate. They increase the turnaround rates of trucks and containers while keeping operational costs low.

The container loading system is portable and can be reused or transferred to other units if necessary. It also allows for continuous operator control and comes with instant breaking that lets operators stop loading anytime.

About Joloda

Joloda is a leading manufacturer of loading systems for the transport and logistics industry. The company has factories worldwide, with products that have been recognised internationally for their convenience and functionality. A wide variety of industries have adopted Joloda’s systems, such as air cargo, newsprint, paper handling, and food and beverage distribution.

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