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As a small boy Giovanni Carrus was in absolute awe of the masterpieces that sprawled the walls and ceilings of the churches and historic buildings of his native land, Italy. He went home and began painting with just a tooth brush and some egg yolk…

Giovanni told us a story how his parents weren’t very impressed with his first attempts at painting wall murals, and one day painted over them…except for the angels that still remain on his mothers ceiling today!

Another time his father cut up one of his canvas paintings to reline the soles of his worn out shoes!

For the admirer of exceptional art, you can expect to experience a rich spectrum of colors in Giovanni’s oil paintings, as he explores the themes and settings which his home town of Monterosso – Le Cinque Terre – Italy is world famous for.

These days Giovanni’s inspiration comes from the unspoilt scenery of the east coast of Australia where he now resides with his family.

After more than 50 years of gifting his art to family, close friends and charity organisations, his daughter Larissa who is a web designer has just completed an online gallery of his works available to purchase as reproductions.

For the first time in almost 80 years Giovanni’s childhood scenes have come to life in his remarkable imagery that will take you on a detailed journey through memory, color and atmosphere.

To learn more about Giovanni’s inspiring story and his continued passion for painting, you can view Giovanni’s art and a short video interview of him here.

For interviews and gallery exhibition requests contact Larissa 61404468153