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A study revealed that a new smile would make a person appear happy, friendly, and successful. Individuals who want to obtain a great, new smile can go to Southpoint Quality Dental.

[FREDERICKSBURG, 5/14/2018] — A beautiful smile goes beyond making an individual appear beautiful. According to a study by Dr. Anne Beall of Beall Research and Training in Chicago, individuals with a new smile will look happier, friendlier, and more successful to others.

Smile Resulting from a Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Delivers Numerous Benefits

Dr. Beall, a market research professional and a social psychologist, showed photos of eight individuals to 528 Americans. She created two sets of pictures, with each set displaying four people before undergoing a cosmetic dentistry treatment, and four people post-treatment. Half of the subjects viewed one set while the other half looked at the other set.

After the subjects checked out the photos, Dr. Beall asked the respondents to make snap judgments by scoring each individual in the following characteristics: Attractive, Sensitive to Other People, Wealthy, Kind, Interesting, Friendly, Successful in Their Career, Happy, and Intelligent.

The results revealed that the characteristics that garnered the highest rating were Happy (6.8), Friendly (6.8), and Successful in Their Career (6.7).

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Individuals

Fortunately, getting a great, new smile is now more accessible, as cosmetic dentistry is available to people. Individuals who want to reap the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and improve their smile can pay a visit to Southpoint Quality Dental. The dental practice provides the following treatments:

  • KöR Whitening – Southpoint Quality Dental utilizes this effective teeth whitening system to deliver outstanding teeth whitening for average patients.
  • Veneers –The practice will fix poorly positioned, gapped, and fractured teeth with this cosmetic solution.
  • Dentures – This treatment offers patients with a removable replacement for missing teeth.
  • Dental Implants – This treatment is for patients who are having difficulty getting their dentures to stay comfortably and firmly in place.

Dr. Joshua Swanson, along with his team, worksclosely with patients to provide the most suitable treatment option possible.

About Southpoint Quality Dental

Southpoint Quality Dental is a modern full-service dental practice serving the surrounding areas of Lake Anna, Thornburg, White Oak, King George, Falmouth, Spotsylvania, and Massaponax. The dental practice maintains a relaxed and close-knit family atmosphere for its patients. Additionally, it provides patients with the latest in dental techniques and technologies.

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