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Over 95% of Microsoft’s revenueflows through the channel, making the partner ecosystem critical to the company’s overall success. At the same time, Microsoft is vested in helping partners realize success for their own companies.This is achieved in part through a$5.8billion investment in a”suite”of core Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) program benefits,including partner account management, internal-use rights software, and over$4billionin aportfolio of incentivesincluding Solution Incentives and Online Incentives.This suite of core benefits is available to help partners address all phases of the partner businesslifecycle and is the focus of this research.

Break-fix Support

The break-fix support is the core service in our support offering. This support service is intended to be used by customers when the Microsoft cloud products are not working as expected.

This can be both the actual products, such as Office 365, or the Microsoft tools used to manage your products, such as Office Admin center. Typical scenarios for this support is when there are service issues with the Microsoft cloud products or you are experiencing product defects, “bugs” or downtime caused by large scale or regional disruptions. The support service does not cover break-fix for problems caused by customer-side issues. The break-fix service offers 24/7/365 support, but the response after business hours* is determined by severity. See the following page for further information around severity levels.

End-User Support

End-user support allows end-users to contact Microsoft technical support for help and assistance on purchased Microsoft products.

For example, Mytechsquad end-user support can answer questions and resolve issues around Office 365 client configuration, functionality or products. Other topics include basic user e-mail configuration, OneDrive synchronization issues, mobile phone or e-mail setup and Office Online help. The end-user support is offered as a business hours* add-on service and has per-seat based pricing.


By some accounts, the Microsoft Partner Network is home to over 430,000 partners,ranging from new one-person,part-time operations to multinational entities employing hundreds of thousands of people.Business focus, skill levels, and growth objectives vary considerably for each partner organization.Creating offerings that will resonate with such a diverse population of people and organizations is ambitious,yet Microsoft has attempted to do just that.Through its core set of MPN program benefits, Microsoft aims to provide partners with essential tools to address each stage of the partner lifecycle.