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Amyma has a proven track record in introducing its clients to investment opportunities UK. The business was founded in 2000 by Gavin Jamieson, who is still a director to this day.

[LONDON, 14/5/2018] – Despite the challenging economic conditions since the financial crisis of 2008, Amyma has gone from strength to strength, and to this end, appointed Harvey Knight as a second director in 2016, to further develop the Amyma offering.

What does Amyma do?

For anyone unfamiliar with the financial world and investment opportunities UK, they may not understand the service Amyma provides. It looks for, and is approached by, companies needing investment and introduces its clients to these investment opportunities UK.

This investment is typically structured in one of two ways: debt instruments such as bonds or loan notes, or equity (shares) bought through the government-backed Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. These investment opportunities UK are specially-created to fund small and medium-sized businesses and social enterprises and offer tax relief for investors.

Where Amyma really adds value, is in its relationships with its clients. Its agents take the time to sit down and listen, to find out exactly what kind of investment opportunities UK are most likely to be suitable for a particular type of client. This saves them time, energy and hassle, as Amyma then creates a shortlist of investment opportunities UK quickly and easily. Amyma also help clients with the paperwork they need to begin the investment process.

Is working with Amyma safe?

No investment is 100% risk-free. To receive any kind of return, some risk must be taken. The investment opportunities UK Amyma offers introductions for are categorised as high risk, so investors need to do their own research, take responsibility for the decision and be sure before they go ahead. However, Amyma does all it can to ensure the investment opportunities UK are as secure as they can be.

Amyma agents do basic due diligence on all their introductions for investment opportunities UK. And they will only consider investment opportunities UK that have been subjected to extensive due diligence by a company or individual that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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